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I just had a chicken pecking at my french door

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We have two chickens that have free reign of the yard. They were terribly bullied in the coop so now they are free to roam and roost in the barn. Every morning they are waiting on our back deck at the cat's dish for cat food. The other day she wouldn't leave when the cat hissed at her so the cat walked away sulking while this little banty chicken ate her food. I wouldn't be surprised if they start pecking on the door when "breakfast" is late.

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Our pet chicken would have happily lived in the house if we let her. As it was she hung around our patio most of the day and would check the kids for food when they went outside. If they had something good at chicken height, she would help herself. She was a lot of fun.

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My 22 year old son is renting an apartment in a 100 year old house and the owners have chickens on the property. He thinks they are entertaining. :lol:

Soon after he moved in he went out to his car to go somewhere and he thought it was funny that several chickens were gathered around his car just looking at it. I guess they were just curious about the unfamiliar car.

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