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Has anyone tried "Women to Women" for perimenopause?

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I haven't tried that, but I am using AM/PM PeriMenopause Formula:



It's less expensive other places online - that's just the manufacturer's website.


Great company. I swear by their Women 50 multivitamin. I might try that product. I've been using progesterone which has helped a bit. Focus, mood swings, and now night sweats are starting to annoy me.

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It is a supplement based program. I'm telling you, I am so bad right now, I'd try anything.

I was curious because i'm coming to the realization that I need something and am sort of researching what I need personally by way of supplements, so I took the assessments on the W2W website.


Either I'm really worse off than I thought or they are after my money. According to the assessment I've got hormonal, adrenal and bone health problems and need over $500.00 of their supplements during the next 60 days.


I'll keep up my little search for what I need. I'm thinking I can do what I need to do with out such expense.

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I am confused - did you use the perimenopause treatments? I am unaware of that, but I am in the research stage of this process. Would the am/pm product be a comparable solution - much cheaper! However, I had a seriously crazy day yesterday and I just can't go through that anymore - am willing to pay!

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