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Help with 3rd grade boy and handwriting


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We are currently using a program that has 3 sentences as copywork per day. He hates it and often will take hours to get it finished if left on his own. He will only work faster if I am next to him.


Right now he is only doing 2 sentences which has been averaging out to 17 words per day.


I know boys have a harder time with handwriting, but I thought by 3rd grade it would kind of even itself out. Before this year I had him doing one page of HWOT on what ever level he is on.


He can write if he wants to, but he is really digging in his heals with this.


I am sick of the fight it brings everyday. :glare:


Does anyone have any suggestions?

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Ds 8 responded similarly to writing assignments of any kind until I taught him cursive handwriting at the end of last year. I presented it in a very positive way, telling him it would "change his life" and amazingly enough, he bought it. :tongue_smilie:


Writing assignments go more easily now, and don't take as long.


Another change I made this year is to have him do his writing last. I used to give him his writing assignments first, because it took him forever to write just a couple of sentences. Now he does writing last, and as he watches his brother run outside to play, he's motivated to finish more quickly.

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Yes, my reluctant writer has horrible print. I taught him cursive last year and it was SO much more legible. I went to italics this year to try & improve his print a bit more but i think im goin to drop it & just focus on cursive from here on out. He can print if absolutely necessary (read: job application!) but we're going to use cursive from now on. I'll be starting Cursive First with my littles! Just sayin!! ;)

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