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x-post: SWB's writing lectures will be discounted for a few days this coming week!

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Thanks for the reminder, Colleen. Do you have a particular recommendation that would apply to a 9th grader :)


I don't think I'd recommend something just based on grade; but rather skill. Her three writing lectures are geared towards grammar/logic/rhetoric stage teaching, but they also build on each other. So I could say "rhetoric writing" but it might be useless if your 9th grader didn't have the previous skills. But there is also the lit. analysis one, that applies to all three stages, and I found this very helpful for thinking ahead to high school - it's very practical, and answered questions of mine whose answers I couldn't find in WTM.



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Thanks, Colleen. The lit one isn't even on sale, but now you have me looking :)


I've never purchased an MP3 download. Seems weird that I have to buy it but can't sell it after I'm done like I could with the CD, but I guess I'll live with that. I suppose I'll save on shipping costs, eh?!


Off to look over the site again,


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