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Medical ? about my dh...Dr Hive in the house?

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I decided that I am going to ask my dh to get a "checkup" for Christmas.

He is 45. Takes multivitamins, fish oils, drinks my veggie smoothies each day :tongue_smilie:

He's like a lot of guys, avoids the Dr unless his arm is falling off or something equally dramatic. He had his gall bladder out in May, and that was fairly dramatic!

Dh is always tired and about 25 lbs over weight and he knows it. Snores. Keeps me up wit that but was screened for sleep apnea about 10 years ago and he's ok.

Works at a high stress aerospace job approx 60 hours a week, frequent travel. No smoking, drug use, and maybe 3 beers a week...no regular exercise.

So, what should I ask for in the way of labwork...cholesterol for sure. His CBC and electrolyte panel was fine in May for his surgery.

Should I be asking for thyroid? I think he tired from working a LOT but I feel bad for the poor guy!

Thanks Dr Hive,


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Just schedule an appointment for a complete physical. The dr. will take care of the rest, deciding on appropriate tests, etc. based upon his medical history, family history and how he presents during the appointment. If he does not know the doctor, he might want a "get acquainted" appointment before the poking and prodding commences.

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