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another homeopathy question

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When you go on a short trip (for the day)what remedies do you always take? and when you go on a longer trip (one day to over 3 weeks) what remedies do you always take....and why?? Thanks.

We use watery doses based on the 6th edition of the Organon and generally the 200c or 1M level. I used this list http://www.drluc.com/homeopathy-firstaid.htm and I keep all the 12 water bottles (no flying recently so skip that one) with 1M remedies in a soft cooler. My homeopath studied advanced homeopathy with Dr. Luc deSchepper. This is what I sent with my dh and son for their week at Boy Scout camp. They only used Ledum for bug bites, but Arsenicum Album is our allergy remedy for ds who also has an EpiPen - the only drug we have in our house.


I do have a 1M kit of 100 remedies but I don't carry it with me. I have carried the dc's chronic remedy for a longer trip, but we use both the water bottle remedy and another 4 oz. cup of water with a dropper (LM/ series) so it's a bit more cumbersome. Taking the watery doses on a plane might provide a challenge but we haven't flown in 7 years.

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