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Dd wants to fix her hair, BUT

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Her hair doesn't want to do anything or hold a style. What do you do?

She wants the swoop bangs, but doesn't want to cut her bangs..they are almost shoulder length. We have cut them before and they didn't look good short.


I know that since she hasn't styled her hair much, that she is going to have to train it..right?


What are some good styling products for her?

She has fine hair, if it matters she is 10.

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I allowed my girls to do their own hair at that age when we were not going anywhere for practice. We also have a rule, if you can't keep your long hair tidy, I cut it off. I'm not a long hair fan! And if the bangs are constantly in the face we cut them off; they have the option while growing out bangs to put them in a barret. My youngest daughter is 11 1/2 I've spent the last year teaching her to blow dry her hair upside down for extra volume and smoothing it w/ a brush as she blow dries. ( her hair is long now, she really wanted to grow it out, which is fine w/ me as long as she takes care of it, I don't do tangles!) .

It will take training her hair to a particular style, I've never seen much luck w/ swooping bangs on a child this young, they can't keep them out of their face. My daughter shampooes and conditions in the shower, and then I have them put on Volumizer gel ( make sure they know how much to use) while wet, then blow-dry. blow-drying helps set in a style. Just to wash, and gel then try to do something w/ the hair later doesn't work as well. Just my 2 cents! I am a fan of perms on young girls, but you have to be cautious, some children's hair won't perm well. I was lucky, both my girls hair permed wonderfully, it was a great alternative while growing their hair out. of course there is training them to take care of a perm, but all they have to do after their shower is gel and pick out!!


I hope I've given you some good ideas!


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If she has really fine hair (like I do) there may not be much she can do. I used to be in plays and they would use an entire bottle of hair-spray on it trying to get it to hold a style!!! My dd and I (both with fine hair) look good with our hair cut in a bob - with bangs right to our eyebrows. A bob gives our hair a bit of volume.

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