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Question about Campbell's Exploring Life text

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The one with the green iquana eye cover. Are the online activities necessary? Could a student, for instance, read, study, and discuss the text, and know everything necessary to pass the test (or the chapter review questions used as a test)? Or is some of the material in the chapter reviews/tests found only in the online activities?


I ask because I have a child who *hates* extraneous stuff like online activities. She likes to read, study, and take a test, kwim?



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Well, to tell you the truth I'm not sure what the online stuff includes, but mine does them for 2 reasons: it reinforces the concepts and because the Prentice Hall website says a significant amount of information necessary to the course is in the online portion.


If you didn't do the online portion, I would suggest the study guide to reinforce concepts.

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Thanks for the link for the TE. My only quesition is that my student text has a copyright of 2004 and the TE all say 2006 - Does it matter? I basically want the TE to anwswer the end of chapter questions and the questions during the chapter readings.




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