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Decorating ideas for dd's room

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I'm trying to figure out ideas for 13 year old dd's room. She really enjoys drawing and doing paper crafts but doesn't have room for a desk or small table in her room. She also enjoys reading and owns a lot of books but doesn't have room for a bookshelf. Dh says she should keep them on our bookshelf in the basement but I would rather her be able to just grab a book at night when she wants to read and not have to run downstairs. Right now I have a big plastic bin with all of her books in them sitting in my room.


Her room is pretty small. She has a large window that takes up almost a whole wall. Cold air seeps out of it so I don't want to put her bed in front of it. Right now she just has a director's chair and a few stuffed animals on that wall. The next wall has her closet. Her closet is fairly small. I would love to be able to put some kind of extra shelving in it but she has bins on the floor of it that hold games, toys, etc. The third wall holds her dresser and then there is a corner unit with doors and a few small shelves on the top. The shelves aren't big enough to hold most books. The 4th wall has her bed lengthwise. Her room isn't big enough for her bed to stick out rather than along the wall.


I would love ideas from all you creative people out there. (I'm not very creative, especially when it comes to decorating). I can't afford a full size desk even if she had room for it. I was trying to figure out if there was something I could make myself or purchase cheaply (perhaps something that would hang from a wall). Any ideas? Thanks!

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Try to maximize her closet space. There's a ton of systems and designing tools out there to help with this. If you hang up absolutely everything that can be hung up, you may just need a bin for socks and undies, and be able to get rid of her dresser altogether, freeing up some space.


For games and stuff, you could put her bed on lifts and store her stuff in under-the-bed bins. (Or you could get a new, taller bed.)


For shelving, you could put a long, continuous shelf about 1 ft. below the top of the wall and have it stretch all the way around the room. If you buy premade shelves with brackets from Home Depot or someplace, this will probably cost around $100, but it will be a pretty easy project. A 12" deep shelf will hold a ton of books. You may have to buy a stool so that she can get the books down, but you could either stash that under the bed, too, or buy a pretty one that works with the decor.


As someone who had her room redecorated when she was 12, I would advise against any wallpaper or elaborate paint jobs, or expensive carpet or rugs- especially if your daughter is artistic. Paint the walls a solid color- one or two gallons of paint is pretty cheap. If you can afford to do/redo flooring, I would suggest laminate or even linoleum before anything that stains. Kids at this age change so fast, it will probably be better to have her room function as a canvas that she can change easily through things like posters and throw pillows.

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First, I was also going to suggest a "hanging" bookshelf as the other poster did. I think that is a great idea.


But here is my crazy idea (I have no idea if this is practical or not), but could you somehow have a small table that sort of hinged down from the wall where it would come across her bed??? So she could sit on her bed and have it come down across her lap??? I hope this makes sense. Sort of have it fold up and down like a Murphy bed. We have an old computer workstation that has a table that fold down. It has two legs that fold down with it.


Okay, this is probably goofy/not practical, but it just popped into my head. And, I am talking about it coming down over a twin bed. I can't remember if you had the size of her bed listed or not! More coffee, more coffee!

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great ideas. She just got a new comforter, etc. a few months ago. She has already decorated the walls, etc. I just need to figure out a place for her to use for writing, working with paper, etc. and for all of her books. (She must be related to me. I also need a good place for all of my books).

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The Christopher Lowell show did an episode called "Every Inch Counts" about a tiny room for a girl, and it featured a folds-down-on-the-bed desk. I googled, but couldn't find a tutorial. Maybe you could get one of his books, or a DVD of the show.


He just took a piece of plywood and painted it, then covered one side with batting and fabric and ribbon, and attached it to the wall next to the bed with piano hinges. I forget how what kind of closure he used, but the whole thing was cool- when the desk was folded up, the fabric side was a French bulletin board, and when it was folded down, it was like a huge lapdesk for the person sitting on the bed, with the soft padding on the person's legs and the painted side as the desktop.

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