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So bad reviews for Thames & Kosmos Chem kits. What about T&K Elements of Science?


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My son really wants a Chemistry set for Christmas. He wants to do real experiments with burners, pipettes, and chemicals etc.


I'm thinking about getting this lab set to go with whatever kit I decide:



What about Elements of Science?



Does it look like enough for grades 4-6? Starting in grade 7, my children will belong to Apologia science labs that meet in a local Christian school. They will have access to all of their lab equipment for General Science through Advance Bio. So, I don't want something as big as T&K Chem 3000 bc they will take the Chemistry lab in high school. Or maybe I do, if this Elements of Science kit is not enough???

Thanks for any help!

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We have this one for our son and he really loves it.




That is a really interesting option too. I'm having trouble finding details about that kit through Google. Can you tell me what it includes? Do you use a burner? Does it come with chemicals? Or just use ordinary, household stuff? Would I need that lab kit from Home Science Tools to use with it?


Now I'm considering that and the T&K Elements of Science!:001_smile:

Anyone else have one they like?

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