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POLL: TOG moms, when did you start to assign rhetoric level assignments?

At what age did you start to assign rhetoric level books?  

  1. 1. At what age did you start to assign rhetoric level books?

    • 13 years
    • 14 years
    • 15 years
    • Older than 15

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I kind of needed an "other" - don't you know it's a WTM rule to put other on a poll ;)


I usually start rhetoric around 9th grade - which happens to be 14. I lightened up the load a bit this fall for my ds, which I really didn't need to - he's surprised me by doing fine. This is his 2nd go-round with TOG, so he knows the drill and has covered the material at D level.


My only other child to do R level is a slower worker, but very diligent, and also has a killer ballet/extra curric. schedule. I had to flip her to D every so often to give her breathing room.


So my answer? I put "14" but would have preferred: "Other - depends on the student" :D

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Ok, there is reading the books and doing the questions. My oldest started rhetoric level as a 9th grader. He did the history as written, but I adapted the rhetoric literature. He could answer the history questions on his own, but the literature ones were hard. He did the terms and tried. I didn't grade the lit questions. We discussed them together. My other boy was 7th grade and his 3rd year of doing dialectic. He was finished with all of his readings and questions by Tuesday at the latest. It was way too easy for him. He begged to be moved up. Oh, his lit that year was modified as well because he had already read most of the dialectic selections. But rhetoric was too hard.. so I did my own thing with him.


This year with year 4 they are 8th and 10th and both doing rhetoric history as written. My 8th grader can read it and do the accountability questions well, but the thinking questions really get him. I'm not grading his questions. He is reading the same rhetoric lit as my oldest but with Progeny Press guides or questions from when I taught high school. My 8th grader loves the rhetoric history and literature. He finished Animal Farm in 2 days and thinks it is such a great book:confused: (It was never one of my favorites, but he loved the satire!)



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I started my 14yo, new 9th grader in rhetoric exclusively. Now I'm backing off. It was too much. I'm keeping the history readings at rhetoric level, but I carefully select the questions.


I am mixing the literature. For instance, we are only on week 5 of Year 4, but I am using Anne of Green Gables in depth. I am introducing literary terms using this book to give a more gradual entry into literary analysis.


I hope that helps.



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Need an other category.


Right now my 15 yr old is in R level. He is doing great with all the literature readings and the terns. Answers questions very well.


He is getting stuck with the accountability and thinking questions for history. He is really stumped during our discussions. So now I am re-thinking the whole TOG thing. I LOVE Tog but this boy doesn't. He likes the history books that he is reading but the questions have him stumped. He doesn't like it. Right now I am debating putting him back in D level for history. He doesn't want to do that though.



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