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With Writeguide, you can either assign the project or they can. Each project lasts ABOUT a month, sometimes a bit more or less. There are not assignments within the assignment, but each day (or so) they focus on a different aspect of the project. The problem with this could be that, depending on the teacher, the work could look more like the teacher's personality rather than the student's. There is a fine balance with teachers and students in writing programs, imo.


This worked okay for my daughter because she had the ability to learn very quickly and to turn around and use the same information for the next paper. However, I wanted a more "standardized" program for her so she then did Write@Home.


For my son, I felt that he needed structured classes and systematic instruction. Because of this, we're using (have for 5 or 6 sessions) Home2Teach. However, that doesn't sound like what you want.


Out of the three, WriteGuide sounds MOST like what you need in that you can ask the teacher to pay extra attention to the things you are interested in her helping him with.


As for your concern about corrections. I think kids DO feel like "it's never good enough;" however, I think it is IMPORTANT that kids learn that writing IS a process and it takes TIME and EFFORT to do it well. I think we need to help kids appreciate the process rather than shy away from it. On math, you don't want red marks. On papers, it can be a door to greatness!

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I enjoy write guide, and have actually copied and sent the actual standard I want to be covered, and what you tell the teacher the more the better the assignment will work with your child.

due the one email daily, planning that is essential, or you wind up spending lots of time on small items.

If you explain as you have in the opening thread to the teacher, they really take YOUR input serious.


good luck

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It really sounds as if you are wanting a good strong grammar curriculum rather than writing help. You want him to just not make those mistakes. Jensen's is VERY strong. It's tough and would likely take a little over a year if he worked hard on it. Some people drag it out two years to make it a little more manageable. This allowed my daughter a HUGE jump in her writing ability.

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