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your best punny costume ideas

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My favorite Halloween costumes are the ones that involve a play on words, a pun, a literal interpretation or a twist on a metaphor, etc. What are your favorite word-play costume ideas?


Here's one I found that would be fun:


Turn a sheet into a toga. Wear a pig’s nose - easily found at a costume store. Of if you are talented, draw a pig's nose using face paint. For extra oomph, eakspay in igpay atinlay! Appyhay Alloweenhay!

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One piece of straw in your pocket - the last straw

From DOA - wear a slip (or slip like dress) with a Freud name tag - Freudian slip

Paint a rock on a t-shirt. Paint a star on it. - Rock Star.

Attach a leaf that dangles from the brim of a cap - blow on it when someone asks what you are - leaf blower


This link has some more http://www.coolest-homemade-costumes.com/unusual-halloween-costumes.html

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Ooooh, I have a totally lame one that I wore as a Halloween costume in high school! :lol:


I took a brown paper grocery bag and cut it into a vest, taped the Sunday grocery store ad to the back across the shoulders (so like a cape), and tied a plastic bag over my head like a hat, and a bag over each shoe.


I was........... SUPER STORE! :D

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Last year my oldest dd took a bunch of cereal boxes and cut the fronts of them off. She stapled these all over a sweatshirt. We took the fake blood that you get in the halloween make-up kits and squirted it all over the shirt and boxes. She was a serial (cereal) killer.

LOL. It was pretty good, and stumped a few people.

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