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What to use after Larson Intermediate Algebra?

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We are currently using Larson/Hostetler's Intermediate Algebra 4th ed. along with the Dana Mosely DVDs and both are working great. I'm trying to look ahead for the next course and am not sure what the sequence is meant to be. Does the Larson/Hostetler pre-calculus follow the intermediate algebra course? Does it include a good bit of trigonometry as well as a good intro of calculus? I would be most grateful for some feedback and/or assistance. Also, if anyone knows of the corresponding Mosely DVDs, I would appreciate the ISBNs for them. Thank you!

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Intermediate Algebra is Algebra 2.


Pre-Calc is the next level. This course consists of one semester of Advanced Algebra (also called College Algebra or Algebra 3) and one semester of Trig (full standard course).


Depending on the edition, the last chapters usually contain an introduction to Calculus. Traditional Pre-Calc courses may not teach actual 'calculus'--but they prepare the students so their skill sets are in place when they do take calc.

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