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that this forum is set up to divide a thread's responses in groups of 10? So if you're looking for an update, say the OP says "update on post #41" then you know it's on the 1st post on the 4th page. Coolio. I just figured that out!


After all, I did have my wheaties for breakfast! :lol:

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Actually it depends on how you have your account set up. I have mine set to 50 response per page.


WHAT?! :svengo:

Are you serious?

I can DO that? :w00t:


Does that mean I learned TWO things today? Or does this newer revelation cancel the first one out? :toetap05:

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LOL Karyn.


I have mine set up to view in 30's. So post 41 is always on page 2 for me :)


50 seemed like too much because you have to still do SO much scrolling within the page when it gets down to the higher numbers like 40 and 95. 20 seemed a bit short still. I'm happy at 30 :)

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