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Is this too much for a 7th grade boy?

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I was trying to start making a schedule last night, and it seems like a lot!

Math: Math U See, Calculadders, Daily Math (he really needs all this)

Grammar: Analytical Grammar season 2, Daily Grams 7

Latin: Lively Latin

Logic: Perplexors C, Logic Countdown then Orbiting w/Logic, Fallacy Detective (will alternate days for total of 4 days a week)

Spanish: Visual Link Spanish

Spelling: Apples 1

Vocab: Vocab from Classical Roots A plus TOG vocab-could I cut out the Roots since we are doing Latin?

Writing: Meaningful Composition or writing from TOG

Science: Apologia General through coop

Bible, History, Geo, Lit: TOG

Extra: Master's Academy of Fine Arts, Drama Club, karate, seasonal sports


He loves to read, so I'm not worried about that, but his writing is not quite up to par.


Do you see anything I could/should par down?


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it looks similar to my dd11's schedule for next year!


Math: Sax. Alg. 1/2/drills/Singapore CWP (she needs the practice!)

Grammar: R&S 6 and LLATL (she likes this!)

Spelling: SWO H/Simply Spelling (for the dictation)

Vocab: VFCR A

Lit: LL7

Science: Apol. General and joining in w/ her brothers for Apol. Elem series (when desired) and the science w/ ECC


History/Bible/Geography: MFW ECC (no structuredhistory for next year until we finish ECC)


Spanish: Learnables and The Fun Spanish


Music: piano (either lessons or on her own w/ my assistance)


Art: God and the History of Art (finish) and art w/ ECC


I have probably forgotten something. This summer we are giving LC1 a trial run so we'll see if it will continue into the fall. Your schedule looks great!

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Could Logic be only two days per week, perhaps alternate with something that is 3 days per week? It does, otherwise, seem ok - just a trifle full.


I would, by 7th grade, either do spelling and have those be the vocab. words ...or use the vocab. words as spelling words. Not both. Vocabulary from Classical Roots will include Greek roots, so I'd keep it.

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Well, if he still needs the spelling and you're doing a full spelling program, in addition to Latin, then I guess I would hold off on the vocab. On the other hand, if he doesn't really need the continued spelling, then I'd drop that and just do vocab. If you're only covering VfCR A during the year, you'll have time to spread it out and cut it into managable chunks, time wise, as I think it only contains about 15 or so chapters.

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That all depends... are you doing each subject each day? At even 30 min. per subject, that's 5.5 hours of schoolwork. Some subjects will take longer, of course. You are probably looking at an 8 hour day with everything.

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and this would be too much for him.


Neither one of us could handle more than one foreign language at a time. Unless that's his idea, I personally wouldn't pursue them both.


I don't do vocabulary specifically. Studying Latin, a bit in Megawords (spelling) is going to have to be good enough for us. It's definitely more than I ever got.


We've only been doing Logic 1x per week. I haven't seriously considered bumping it up to 2x per week. Maybe I ought to. 4x per week seems like a lot to me.


Of course, my son and your son could be polar opposites and what you have may be fine for your son. My ds tends to be bright but unmotivated.

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This is what we've done this year. I've been calling them 4 classes:


Math: Chalkdust Pre-Algebra, skipping logic this year

Latin: Continue in Henle I

English: Lightning Literature 7, Abeka Grammar 7, Vocab. Classical Roots A and part of B, Outlining book, Capitalization review book, memorize some poetry, Gettysburg Address, etc., read 1 book/week for book group and write about it, various other writing assignments, outline history chapter (SOTW 4) daily.

Science: online class through ScholarsOnline.org, Natural Science I


I started an assignment notebook, and give points for each item in "English" this year, and a grade as a way to ease into giving him more responsibility for his work.


Hope this helps!



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