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Please share favorite smoothy recipes...

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I would like to make these more often for the kids, but would like to have more of a variety of recipes to choose from. I would love to try your favorite recipe...and here is one of ours. It is one of the only two recipes I have, so you can see how bored we can get with it.


Orange Julius - 1/2 to 1/3 can of OJ concentrate, a little sugar (couple of Tbsp.), 1 Tbsp. vanilla, 1 1/2 cups milk (any kind, we use skim), 1/2 cup water, fill the blender with ice and blend until it's the consistancy you like.


Thanks ahead for the recipes!

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A good handful of raw cashews, some dates, Tazo Vanilla Rooibos tea concentrate, milk of choice (I use vanilla almond milk), and ice until thick. Very yummy!


This one is interesting! I never would have thought to put nuts in a smoothy. I wonder if you could use almonds instead, or maybe they are too hard and wouldn't blend up as well. I also like the idea of putting tea in it, this is really getting my wheels turning. Anyone have a recipe that includes spinach? I have seen people have green smoothies, and I assumed it was spinach, or maybe it was wheat grass.


Keep the recipes coming. This morning I used OJ concentrate, froz. blueberries, froz. raspberries, vanilla, sm. can of pineapple juice, a little water and ice. That was actually pretty yummy for an experiment. I have a thing about not wasting food, so I don't want to experiment too much and have it turn out horrible. Thanks for sharing your recipes, keep 'em coming.

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My kids love a simple strawberry-banana smoothie: banana, strawberries, vanilla yogurt, OJ (not too much), and a few ice cubes to make it cold. Add more or less of the ingredients depending on how many you are making it for. Dd asked me tonight if we can make a banana smoothie, so I think we will try that next.

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