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Suggestions for books needed? WWI, WWII, and computer books for kids...

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My ds9 has become interested in wanting books about WWI and WWII. We're almost finished reading The Watchmaker's Daughter (a younger version of The Hiding Place about Corrie Ten Boom's life) and that has sparked an interest in him for wanting more books about those wars. I'm wondering what books to look for that would be good for his age, both historical fiction and non-fiction. I'm planning on doing a library search for juvenile non-fiction books, but I would like to know of any specific books that are your favorites and good for his age.


Also, we have some old computer towers that my husband has suggested to let him take apart, but we want him to learn as he does it, not just destroy them. What computer books are good for his age and easy for him to follow? We're not looking to make him into the next Bill Gates or anything, but something to guide him and inform him would be great. Thanks!

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Snow Treasure is a non-graphic story. When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit might also work. Goodbye, Marianne is another to consider. (Although pretty intense).


More intense and graphic is The Devil's Arithmetic


Number the Stars is one that is often recommended for kids 10 and up.


The Books Theif is wonderful, but again, for older kids. I am waiting on that one for my own 11 yr old, unless she picks it up on her own. She is very intelligent, but sensitive. I am letting her go at her own pace.

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Yes, "Snow Treasure" is fun!


"The Yellow Star: The Legend of King Christian X of Denmark" by Carmen Deedy is a good one on WWII.


My ds really liked "Inside Story: A World War II Submarine" by Richard Humble And "World War II Aircraft Carrier" by the same author. They have transparency pages that open up so that you can "see" below decks.


"Mercedes and the Chocolate Pilot" by Margot Raven is about the candy drops in Berlin.

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I am not sure the reading level is appropriate on these, but here are some titles that ds has enjoyed over the past few years:

Victory in the Pacific by Albert Marrin

Air Raid - Pearl Harbor by Theodore Taylor

General George Patton Old Blood and Guts by Alden Hatch

Aircraft Anatomy of World War II, Paul E. Eden and Soph Moeng, general editors


We have many more, but they would definitely be or older readers.

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