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Someone just yesterday recommended the Dr. Oz book, "You on a Diet" which she says goes through the different systems of the body. She's using it instead of a textbook anatomy & physiology. This book also (of course, by the name) focuses on healthy eating. She says it's very practical and educational and recommends it highly. I guess Dr. Oz also has videos out called "You: The Owner's Manual" which this friend is also using alongside the book. She is a nurse, and she says she learned some things she hadn't known before.


So, that's a thought anyway. I have not seen either of these, but I have made note of them to look at in the future.


Hope you find just the right thing.


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I am really liking Intellego's Health for high school. Its a four year program, for $20. I'm just watching to see if it goes on sale at Curr-Click. I posted about it in another Health discussion.


See post #17: here.



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