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Ugh. You know when you're coming down with a cold...

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And you're not really stuffed up yet, but you can feel your sinuses working overtime, and you'd really rather just lay in bed, but nobody else can see that you're sick, so they think you should be up and out of bed...?


Well, that's how I feel.


So does anyone want to come over here to make me some chicken noodle soup and fold a couple dozen loads of laundry?


Pretty please? :D

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Thanks guys. :001_smile: I was feeling sorry for myself this morning, but I think I'll be okay now.


Try Neilmed nasal rinses twice a day and gargle with warm salt water 3 times a day to prevent it from getting worse.


Walmart carries the Neilmed nasal rinse bottles. For the gargling use 1/2 teaspoon salt in glass of warm water.


My DH actually brought home one of these last week. I broke down and used it a few hours ago, and was pleasantly surprised by how well it worked. I felt almost normal for a couple of hours.

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