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Phonics for "older" kids


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Okay, so we did phonics work when my kids were younger, and they had it down pat. But lately I've been noticing that, my son in particular, just isn't getting it anymore. Maybe it's that 10 yo brain fart, pre-puberty thing coming into play, but I've started to get a little worried.


Yesterday, when he tried to spell convention (a spelling word that we've had, and he could previously spell) he went through sion, cioun, shun, shin, schun, schin, shion, and then was on the verge of tears.


I'm a little exasperated. Any suggestions for how I can re-cement phonics into his mind?

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You might want to take a look at The Writing Road to Reading.


Of course, they will tell you to back up to the beginning, but that may be just what he needs. Because he is older, he should be able to go fairly quickly and be up to his grade level very soon.


.....Just another idea....

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Okay, more questions... And a clarification. DS doesn't have a problem with reading. The kid reads like a champ, and it's hard to get him to put a good book down. It's just that when he tries to spell some words, all phonics seem to go out the window.


I went and briefly looked at Rod & Staff's page, the Apples 2 page, and The Writing Road to Reading.


The Rod & Staff book seems to be more geared towards reading. Is that really the case? It was hard to tell from the sample pages.


The Apples 2 book looks good. Do you do it instead of, or along side a spelling program? There weren't any sample pages on the website - could you describe what a day's worth of work would look like? What is the involvement for parents?


The Writing Road to Reading didn't give me any sample pages or a whole lot of info, so I looked it up on Amazon, where it has some really mixed reviews. It looks like it's more for the K-6 group, and that each year builds upon the last. If that is the case, would it be a good fit for a 5th grader?


Thanks guys for the suggestions. Keep 'em coming!

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You could get a copy of Phonics Pathways and go through it from a spelling aspect, not a reading one. It can be used for both. It's very appropriate for older learners. Maybe focus on one spelling pattern a week to cement them.


We personally use AAS, but I don't know that I'd recommend investing in that unless nothing else works. As much as I love it, it could be overkill for what you need.


Also, realize that the "shun" sound is tricky. He was coming up with some good combos... just didn't land on the right one. I don't think he's way off base. It might just take more than a week to cement some of the patterns. And then, even longer for sure to see those patterns emerge correctly in his spelling. :D

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