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Best method to teach piano at home with parents guides

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Can someone to recommend the best method to teach child to play piano (books with CDs). I don't play piano and want to learn myself a few lessons ahead of my child. We took piano lessons for couple months with private tutor, it was $20.00/half hour, 10 to 15 min of which went to coloring of workbook and talking about stickers. Total waste of time and money from the point of view of homeschooling Mom. We used Alfred for beginners, but there is no parents guides or expalnations how to teach. Have anybody done this without prior experience? Since I can teach my child French and Spanish without actually speaking any, but just going a few steps ahead, why not piano. There should be something great.


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I taught piano and am fine with starting out on your own. It's important to build interest and for the kids to have success. I recommend Pianimals... http://www.pianimals.com/



I know some who were successful with Piano Course for Christians. http://www.davidson smusic.com/teacyourmus.html


Here's a nice post sharing how one family learns piano: http://higherupandf urtherin. blogspot.com/search/ label/MusicInstruction


Harmonic Vision's Music Ace program is a nice computer-based program to help kids learn music theory. You can get it at amazon.


One of our dds loves to learn independently and she did amazingly well with Jump! Music -- Piano Discovery System. Timberdoodle used to sell this, but it's not being made anymore. Maybe you can find it used. This worked with the pc.

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Thank you very much for your imput. I will check on pianimals. The post on blog is very inspiring. Thank you very much! I am positive now that I can do it.


I'm glad you found it. I see the link has changed to:



Linda Fay lives in Turkey. If she can make it work there, those of us with easier access to some of these products surely can:o)


Let us know how it goes. Have fun!

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I would also invest in a metronome.Mostly for yourself. It would probably frustrate the kids, but if you understand the rhythm, you will be able to make sure the kids are playing it right. Rhythm is so important. It is the backbone of music. Just my little 2 cents. :)

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