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We will be having a funeral on Sat, instead of a wedding.

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MY son was suppossed to get married this Sat. Unfortunately, my son's bestfriend who was also the best man, and also happens to be one of his fiances brothers was either hit by a bus or his child was hit by the bus. We are not exactly clear on this point yet. But the funeral will be held in Sat. so the couple needs to reschedule.

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:( Oh my, I'm so sad for everyone involved — your son and future DIL, the other family, and you, too. You must feel like you have your own personal black cloud following you around these days. I hope the storm clouds part and you get some sunshine in your life soon. :grouphug:



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I'm so sorry. Is this your 18 yo? :grouphug:



No, it was there 27 year old, my son who has had so many problems and had finally gotten his life straightened out and headed in the right direction. I got all of my information from my ex-hubby (late last night) and have not been able to get ahold of my son to verify yet. That's why I am not exactly sure if it was his friend or his friend's son. I am almost positive my ex said his best friend but my hubby says that he said his best friend's son. I was pretty upset at the time and didn't realize until after the call that my hubby and I had a different understanding of what was said. In either case, it is a terrible situation and with all of my son's problems and the fact that he is prone to depression, I am very concerned about his ability to handle this. It just seems like everytime he gets in the clear something like this comes along and knocks him down again.

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