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frugal meal plans and picky eaters

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So, what if you're trying to save money on food, but you have a picky eater? My 2-year-old is the picky one, and she's stubborn even to her own detriment. She'll go without eating rather than eat a dinner she doesn't like. She has no allergies or sensory issues that I know of, she's just picky. And she's unpredictable -- she can love a meal one time and the next time not touch it.


My 5-year-old is finally to the point where she understands "This is it. You eat this or you go hungry. It doesn't have to be your favorite." But the 2-year-old doesn't make that connection yet.


So, what do you do?

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Hmm, that could work. Not PBJ, she won't do more than lick some of the jelly off and make a mess of the rest. But she loves oatmeal -- maybe too much. I could see her getting even worse about turning down "regular food" if she were allowed to eat oatmeal every night.


But the thought of not having to cater to her is rather tempting....

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