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x-post: TN, MS, AL (& surround. areas): Nina & Pinta replicas in port...

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Just wanted to mention that if you live in TN, MS, or AL (or the surrounding areas), you may want to check the schedule & see if the Nina & Pinta replica ships will be near you. I took the dc to see this a few years ago (when it was just the Nina) & it was definitely worth a visit, esp. if you're studying Christopher Columbus or sailing ships from those times. It was actually pretty shocking to me how small the Nina really was.



Their port schedules are listed here:



(FYI, I think they will do a guided tour if you reserve a group of 15+ people. Otherwise, it's just a self-guided visit on the ships.)

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That is awesome! We live about an hour and a half from Knoxville, TN so maybe we can go over and see them in November! We are doing early American history this year, and we just got done talking about Columbus. Thanks!!


BTW, do you remember the cost of a self-guided tour?

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A bunch of homeschoolers in our area just went, and they said it was awesome! Hard to believe the ships were made by hand to replicate the originals as much as possible.


I don't believe the guided tours were super expensive. Maybe $7 for adults, and a couple of dollars less for children 5 yrs and older.

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I got this from a Chattanooga website:


"While in port, the general public are invited to visit the ships for a walk aboard a self-guided tour. The prices are $7 for adults, $6 for senior citizens and $5 for students. Children 4 and under are free. The ship will be open everyday from 9am - 6pm. No reservations necessary.


Teachers or organizations wishing to schedule a 30 minute guided tour with a crew member should call 1-787-672-2152. Minimum of 15. $4 per person. No maximum. Visit http://www.thenina.com for more information."

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