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roasting pans

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I am looking to buy my first roasting pan! I'm not much of a meat eater, but my teenagers need more meat. I want one with a lid that I could do chicken or beef in. Anyone have any suggestions. Oh, and it has to be a good price, or at least fabulous enough to be worth the investment. I want something non aluminum.

Thanks for the help

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"Roasters" with lids are going to be too deep to "roast" (using dry heat) the food. Even without the lid too much moisture will be trapped and the meat will semi-steam. Add the lid and it is more or less a full-steam. Some meats take well to this treatment (braising) but it is not roasting. For that you want a shallower pan (3 inches or so) and a rack to lift the meat out of pan juices.


If you want to cook with wet-heat (with a lid) a terra-cotta cooker like a Rommertoff makes wonderful chicken and veggies, or moist meats from tough roasts. And they can often be had for a song at thrift stores and garage sales. Better than a thin metal roaster with lid.


Real roasting pans (thick with low sides, no lid) tend to be pricey.



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I roast chicken, beef, pork on a rack over a shallow pan (to catch drippings) - no cover. Put a cover on and you are braising, not roasting, meat. I do not brown beef before roasting, either - it naturally browns to a delicious turn while in the oven! And - a good, reliable meat thermometer is your best friend.


Roast meat...yum!!!!!

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