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Help finding the title of a book...

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Someone here once told me about a website where you can post the plot of a story, and other people will try to help you figure out what the title of the book is.


I've searched my own posts to try to find the website, but can't find it.


Anyone know the website?



Or...do you know this book:


The author's last name begins with "C" (I think.) She writes twaddle type books about rich people.


In the one I was thinking about, these rich couples all went on a trip to some sort of tropical island. I think that the rich people were involved in some sort of shady deal, and the "bad guys" killed the men. The rich women had to try to survive in the jungle.


Sound familiar?

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Savages, by Shirley Conran


"The events in this book are based around five extremely rich, and spoilt women who travel with their husbands on a business trip to a fictitious tropical island. Whilst on the island the women witness their husbands being murdered by terrorists. The women flee to the jungle, quickly learning the art of survival. "




FYI: I found it by doing this Google search: book tropical island rich husbands killed

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