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I can handle the rain, but...

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our Little League games tonight (and likely for the weekend) were SNOWED OUT. :glare:

I am so ready for a stretch of nice weather.

Yes -- I need more than the ONE day of spring we had last Saturday.


The dc are hoping the snow will continue all night so we can go sledding in the morning. NOOOOOOO!

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I'm lying.;)


You remember a couple of weeks ago when I was heading off to soccer games in the snow, right? The afternoon games were ultimately cancelled that day. (After my younger guys had already played in frigid temps.) Those games were re-scheduled for this weekend....when, in a bizarre meteorological twist, we're again in the midst of snow flurries. Too strange. Especially when one considers the glorious, warm weather last Saturday ~ at which time I was trapped in the convention center.:tongue_smilie:

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