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Song School Latin Question


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Okay, I lucked out and got a response on here, from my WTB, and was able to get a TM & student book at a good price. They can either share, or I'll see if I can get dh to make me the copies. (He gets a discount)


Thanks for the input~!


My younger two have been sharing it just fine. :) I can't reach my copy at the moment, the baby is napping on me, but I'm pretty sure it's against their copyright to copy the workbook.

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You should check with them about making copies. If you get in touch sometimes they'll let you copy for a second child, but I think it depends on the product. When I emailed them about God's Great Covenant they told me I could make copies for ONE additional student, but that's it.


So DO check before copying!

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To tag along this -


Are there any Latin CD's for toddler listening only?

I'd love for ds to start listening to this stuff.


Song School is perfectly appropriate for toddlers. Just buy a student book and listen to the songs in the car.


That said, I don't think it's necessary by any means. I'd probably spend money on CDs of nursery and folk songs in whatever modern language you're planning to study with your child some day instead.

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Are you looking for music or literature?


We have the I Am Reading Latin series, it comes with a CD:



And these:


(No CD)


I normally just read them to the children on my knee and they enjoy it :).


That's all I know of for little ones (they also have some Seuss translated into Latin, we have The Cat in the Hat done that way), but am always excited to hear about other resources!

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