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$75 for evals of Lightning Lit. papers?


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We just started Lightning Lit. 7th grade and I just noticed that Hewitt offers an option to have someone review and evaluate all of the lightning lit. writing papers by email for $75. Does anyone already do this?


I just wondered if it was worth it. I would love to hear opinions on what you think of this service.



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My son is enrolled with Hewitt for grade 8. Just to clarify, the $75 by e-mail is in addition to the regular enrollment fee of $175 for the course. If you enroll in the course, you will receive correction and feedback on all papers at the end of each quarter. If you prefer to receive feedback regularly over the course of the quarter, you can opt for the additional $75 e-mail submission, meaning you submit each paper via e-mail as it is completed and receive feedback within 2 weeks for each assignment, rather than only 4 times per year.


We are about to submit my son's 1st paper, so I have not had any experience yet with their grading/feedback. However, I was very impressed with the sample quarterly evaluations on their website http://www.hewitthomeschooling.com/serv/hseval.asp, and also with the detailed and helpful replies I received to my questions.



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