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ipod touch or ipod classic?

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You can get a transmitter that plugs into your ipod & transmits to the radio.


I love the touch for all the apps you can get for it - If you do a tag search for ipod touch apps you'll find several threads about them. I also love being able to check my emails on it without having to wait for a computer to boot up.

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If you are looking at this as a device for just music, podcasts or audio books and are unconcerned with apps and internet access then go with the classic-the memory is many times greater. If you want wifi and apps then you have to have the touch. Video works on both-you just need to decide how important it is to you and how big a screen you need.

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I have the iPod Nano (so not the iPod Classic but close) and I would love to have a Touch.


The Touch has all these awesome apps that make scheduling, learning, etc easier. All I can do on my Nano is listen to music, watch vidoes, look at pictures and play a few games. Sure, I could buy some games, but I'd want a Touch if I was going to buy games because they are better, easier, more interactive, etc.


Looking it up on Google, I see that the Classic has very little battery life compared to the Nano. My Nano can run a long time. I've gone weeks without charging (not playing continuously) and about a week if I'm listening to it a lot.

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that if you really just want music and books, go with the classic. It has a huge hard drive.


That being said, *I* would pick the touch, just knowing how much I LOVE my iPhone and my iPad. You can basically have your cake and eat it too with the music, books and apps! You can have the Kindle app and read books, grocery list apps, recipe apps, calendars, schedules, banking apps, etc.


I was absolutely against ever having an iPhone (though I have always loved Apple products), because I really didn't think I would use all of the stuff. Now I can't imagine my life without one. Weird.

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I have a classic, and I love it. I have audio books, podcasts, a wide variety of music, photos of various kinds, and a (very) few games on it. I listen for at least an hour a day, I play it in the car, and I play it through my kitchen stereo. BUT - of course it doesn't run apps or access the internet.


Ask yourself - how much space would you want for music and such? How much music do you actually have? How many podcasts do you listen to regularly? Do you need to take music/audio with you everywhere?


For most folks, I think the touch is the way to go. For people like me who have tons of music and podcasts and audio books, the classic is a must-have because it stores *significantly* more audio content.


As to the car - you can get an FM transmitter, but they're kind of a pain and can be expensive. Keep an eye out for specials from Crutchfield - I got a new radio/CD player for my car last Christmas for around $100, and hubby installed it. Now we can play our ipods in the car, as well as use jump drives to store/play music/audio when we don't want to take the more expensive ipods with us. We do a lot of car schooling, so this was well worth the investment. Crutchfield's consultant guys are very knowledgeable - they can help you to figure out what your cheapest option is based on your vehicle and your current set-up. I have always been very happy when purchasing from them.

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