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Does Math in Focus have enough drill built in?


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For those of you using Math in Focus, do you find that it has enough drill built in or do you feel a need to supplement? If you are supplementing, what are you using?


Also, do you feel the teacher guides provide enough explanation for how to teach concepts, or do you sometimes find it lacking? Do you find it difficult to use the materials for homeschooling since they were written for a classroom?


Overall, what is your impression of the curriculum so far? Since it is pretty expensive and a pretty new curriclum, I'd like to get some more feedback on it before I purchase it.



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I just started using this curriculum. Not sure of what I will think in the end, but I have mixed feelings so far. Way too much information to teach a basic lesson. You can totally tell this is written for schools. I chose this because it looked colorful and my daughter struggles with math and I thought it might help her want to do math. Plus it is a Singapore approach, which I wanted to try. It was easier to decipher which book to buy verses other Singapore curriculum. We have used Saxon up to this point. I bought 4a and we are on week 2. She has embraced it a little more because it is a change from what she was doing before. The first chapter was review, but this week we are covering addition, subraction, multiplication, and division. The division is new to her. Then checking our answers with estimation. Another new concept She likes that there are no "math fact" sheets like in Saxon, but what she doesn't know is that we will be doing that as an added piece. I'll have to repost later when we have used more of the book. I don't like the price. A whole year is twice as much if not more than other programs. And from what I understand it only goes up to fifth grade. We'll see.

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