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I'ts Allergy Season

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and the zyrtec isn't working. Well, maybe it is, but I'd hate to know how bad I'd feel without it. The girl at Panera's finally stopped saying 'bless you' when I sneeze. She did have to focus on her work, afterall. I have rubbed my eyes so much that the skin around them is tender. The Dr. gave me a new 'miracle' eye drop. $50, doesn't work. I'm going to have to get ANOTHER $50 rx of the good old patanol. I look like Rudolph, or maybe your local coke snorter. It hurts all the time. Let alone when I try to BLOW it. So I'm not blowing it, I'm just blotting it. THANK GOD it is suppose to rain tomorrow....


That's all. I'm done. Thanks for listening. :sad:

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Have you been tested for allergies? I was and didn't react to things in a histamine based response. This means Zyrtec (and Claritin) and the like would not work for me. I am on Singulair year round. When the season gets going (now), I add nasal spray Astelin to the mix. Those work pretty well for me.


Maybe those things won't work for your type of response. I hope you can find something to work because those allergies are miserable!

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I was just coming on to ask about this!


My ds is suffering horribly. All of a sudden Zyrtec isn't working for him. Patanol all of sudden isn't working either. His eyes look horrible - so red and puffy. He is no longer sneezing, but his nose hurts and his eyes -oh, his poor little eyes! Dh and I have never suffered from allergies. We have no idea what to do about it. The poor thing is just miserable. This is his first year where it's clear it's seasonal.


So rain is supposed to help? Because it's supposed to rain tonight and tomorrow. What else can I do? I can't believe the Patanol isn't working....

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I've had this for YEARS. I can remember in high school it was funny because the teachers couldn't talk over my sneezing.


Make sure you use tissues with lotion. They DO make a difference. The rain brings the pollens out of the air. Unless you are allergic to molds, the rain is a blessing (I am, of course, allergic to molds too!). Make sure he showers completely (hair too!) before he heads for bed, that way he won't be wallowing in the pollens/grass dust, or whatever. Keep his bedroom windows shut for a week or so, until his symptoms subside. The stuff floats in through open windows and then you can't hide from it.


You might want to try elestat (I think that's the spelling) for his eyes. My dr. said it was WONDERFUL. It may be, but not for me. Washing his face when he comes in may also help, especially his eyes. He has my sympathy. Hopefully, his symptoms are just seasonal.


I'm allergic to EVERYTHING they tested me for (minus foods). Molds, every plant, animals and dust mites. The medicine works most of the time. I guess my body is just overloaded right now. I've taken my zyrtec and I'm taking a benadryl on top of that; it'll help me sleep, if nothing else. I'm also goign to try to get a nasal thing called in tomorrow. I had one once before and it helped. The RX has lapsed, of course. >sigh<


A big hug to your son!

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Thank you so much for this! You had some very helpful tips! I wonder how long this will last for him? He's just miserable and it hurts me to look at him. I wish you could see his eyes.


I am so sorry for you that you have suffered from allergies like this too - and for so long! Is there really nothing that can be done? I am very empathetic to allergy sufferers now, that's for sure!


Thanks again!

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I am not sure where Zyrtec falls in that continuum, but when DD took it it didn't help her as much as later when they released a child version of Allegra.


The other great one for us was Naselcrom. It takes about a week to kick in, but if you use it night and morning for a while, it creates a barrier to histimine triggers and it works almost as well as Flownase but without being a steroid.

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