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How difficult is Zumba?

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My chosen methods of torture..er..exercise, are jogging on the treadmill, step class and weights.

Today, my treadmill was positioned just right so I could observe the Zumba class in progress.

It looks like fun and I think I'd like to try it, but I'm wondering how difficult the choreography is. In step class, the instructors always introduce new steps slowly~ the Zumba class looks like they just jump right in and everyone knows what to do.

I can only get to the gym 3 times a week right now and don't want to waste an hour of exercise tripping over my feet, lol!

So, if you zumba, I'd love to hear how quickly you got the hang of it.

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I do Zumba. I started taking classes a little over a year ago. It took me about a month to get most of the steps, and since then it's not too difficult, but challenging enough to give me something to think about other than how tired I am.


I have to say I am a Zumba snob and I only like certain instructors. Some of them focus so much on the dance and the hip gyrations that the work out really isn't that intense. My favorite instructor has just enough of those kind of dance moves to make it fun, but it's still a very athletic and intense workout. If done with intensity you can burn about 700 calories in a one hour class.


My gym also introduced Zumba toning, which is a good combo of cardio and toning. TONS of lunges=good payoff.


Give it a try, but don't get discourage in the first few classes. You'll find that the good instructors repeat the songs, as well as the steps within the songs, so it doesn't take too long to catch on.


Plus, you'll learn the Samba and the Cumbia!

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I LOVE LOVE LOVE Zumba..and I have 2 left feet. It makes me feel like I'm 20 again with a beer in my hand and bopping to the music in a club. It is so much fun!


I agree though, don't try it once and give up on it. It's not easy the first time at all...and maybe not even the second time. After a few classes, you'll find your groove and be good to go.


One thing to remember...each song has a pattern...you have to find that pattern. It repeats itself over and over again. Once you figure it out, you are golden.


Make sure you bring water and a towel...b/c you WILL need both of them!

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