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Help me figure out what to do about grammer..please


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We started using Shurley English 3 this year for the first time and it's not going well. The lessons are way too long-I lose the boys attention after what seems like forever of me talking with the script. They cry at the length of the lessons and while I've split up the lessons into two days the lesson i did today on 2 point expository paragraphs took forever, they still didn't get it and then we were all in tears.

We are liking the classifying sentences and the jingles but are struggling with everyone else. Should I look for something else? If so, what would you suggest? I know I shouldn't appease their every desire but they are hating doing grammar and cry when I pull the book out.

Any advice?

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my dd9 and ds7 are doing their indiv levels of R&S English. The lessons are short and usually take them about 15 minutes each to do. The 7 year old is doing R&S 2 and the 9 year old is doing R&S 3. I think they are very rigorous, but every day we follow up with MCTs Grammar Island and they LOVE that!! They both ask to keep going everyday. I think they are a good blend as far as grammar goes.

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