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Math time at my house

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Her: "Mooom! WHY do I have to do 48 problems. That's too hard!"

Me: "It's good for us to do hard things. It helps us learn we CAN do hard things. And CONQUER THEM! Mwahahaha!"

Her: "Mom. You're not THAT evil."

Me: "Why not?" (whining) "But I waaana be evil! Why can't I be evil!"

Her: "You hafta kill a bunch of people to be evil. And conquer the WHOLE! TRI-STATE! AREAAAAA! Hahaha haaaaa!"

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That is so weird this thread posted twice. Dumb computer.


It's a unit test. I let her do half before lunch and half after. She actually took it pretty well, I thought...lol.


ETA: Oh, I know what happened. The window froze up when I tried to post it the first time and I had to close it and retry. I assumed it didn't go through, but evidently it did. Sorry moderator!

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The reviews ds has to do are pretty long too. Breaking it up seems like a good idea (super evil Mom over here, just makes him sit down and get it down).

hahaha evil Mom :lol:

I agree that breaking it up seems like a good idea. 48 problems ? What were they thinking when that program was written up ? :tongue_smilie:

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They're just addition and subtraction fact problems, and it's all review since it's a unit test. It's not hard, there's just a lot of it. Most days there are 20 problems in the program, which is very manageable for her. She actually likes math because most of the time mom is willing to let her have one piece of cold cereal or one chocolate chip, or something like that for each problem she does. (Actually, she loves it when she can have a prune for every 10 problems, the strange child.) She could have hit the jackpot on "math treats" today with 48 problems, but she'd just eaten a plumcot and was "so stuffed I can't even lean over my desk!"

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I don't disagree that it's a lot. It is. It's more than we usually do. (Thus the consternation in the first place.) But I also don't think it's too much for her. And I think it's good for her to do something daunting now and then and find out she really can do it.

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