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key to... versus Singapore

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Hello I am afterschooling 2 children. My oldest is in fourth grade (ps) and I am currently wondering if I made a mistake in my math program for her. We had previously done Singapore 1A and 1B then stopped (she was at a Montessori school and during well. Our math sessions were done with resistance on her part). Anyway this year I realized that she needed more help in math. She was struggling with fractions and math facts. The math facts we solved with a flashmaster. I then made the decision in January to get the key to series versus going back to Singapore. She has done 2 books of the key to fractions and is in the second book of the key to decimals. One reason I chose key to is it is more self-paced. I just review if she needs help and I check over her work (this reduces some of the resistance on her part of having me tutor her). But I am wondering if we are missing some things by not doing a complete math program. She does multi digit multiplication and long division fine but I know she is the type that needs a lot of review. If we did do Singapore she would most likely place into 3B because of the measurement section. I have also thought of just getting the CWP book but we can only do so much. Her school does everyday math.


So should I stick with Key to (we have the whole series percent, geometry, measurement and algebra), buy CWP 3 as well or just change to SM and start with 3B going over what she lacks and go quickly through other areas in 3B and 4A as review to get where she needs to be for her level. We plan to work on math and writing this summer so more time available.



dd10- Key to, as yet undecided writing program (was doing RS3), SOTW1


dd5-SM 1B, FLL, SOTW1

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I have read that others supplement SM with Key to books which is one reason I thought to focus on the Key to series. However as she does need more review and continuous review I am reconsidering. I read through the SM math site and forum there this weekend. Looks like 3B really covers a lot of the areas that she needs extra help in. I think I will get the 3B and start there. After 3B we will either continue or take the placement test for 4A to re-evaluate. Currently I have the US editions through 2B but I think I will buy the standards as I like the addition of probability/ ratios and negative number being added while maintaining the rest of content.


Thank both of you for your help.


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