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rightstart math question

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Can someone explain to me whether the kids should be completely discouraged from finger counting in Rightstart or if the parent should just avoid encouraging it? I'm not exactly sure how to phrase my question, but my daughter told me the other day that she was secretly counting in her head rather than grouping into five and one, etc. She just isn't using her fingers so I won't know she's doing it. Most of the time I think she is doing it the "six is five and one" way, etc., but I think when she gets to 8/9/10 sometimes she is counting them out from five. I don't know how she could get the answer so fast if she wasn't at least starting at five on the abacus, and I kind of wonder if there's anything even wrong with that. Won't she be able to visualize it eventually even if she's counting up from five now?


Any tips? I'm pretty sure this is not a big issue but if it is I'd like to make sure to guide her in the right direction now rather than later.



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Well, I'm certainly no expert, but I remember my DD telling me the same thing early on. I emphasized the importance of trying not to do that, but we kept on going. It doesn't seem to be an issue now for her. And frankly, I'm pretty good at mental math myself and I still count a bit when it suits and seems faster. I wouldn't worry about it--but like I said, I'm no expert! :D


ETA: I will say that I did push on the games a bit more after that to try to cement the facts for her, but not so much that I made either of us crazy.



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