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Panic over - we've dug up the remains,

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put the little dismembered body under the microscope and discovered that we killed a baby black racer snake.


Younger son who first spotted the now dead snake, said "Great, maybe we can find some more and have a pet snake!" Hubby's response, "Our family doesn't have non-dog pets." I :001_wub: my husband!


I feel only the slightest twinge of guilt for killing the snake as he shouldn't have come so near my house and children. :) Well, at least now I know what to look for and will leave the rest of his family alone. Meanwhile, this one will go back to the garden graveyard.


Thanks to all who replied while I was in heart failure and certain we were living on top of a viper pit. In full blown panic, husband just killed baby copperhead


This is a great site for distinguishing poisionous from non-poisionous characteristics, after the fact as it were. Essentially, our snake had no pits, divided scales on the underside of the tail, and a more ovalish head.



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