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Chicken Noodle Soup w cream of chicken?

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I vote weird. Skip it. ;)


Oh dear. I found something kind-of similar on allrecipes.com but wasn't sure enough it would be ok. Glad I asked!


(And I knew I could count on you, btw--when dh asks who people are on the boards, I always tell him you're the one who helps me cook!)

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But let us know if it turns out to be delicious. :tongue_smilie:


Ha! I don't eat weird food. I don't *try* weird food. Although I've been trying new recipes all week, & that in itself is weird.


But dh just snuck in here & read my thread & wants me to try it. Oh, what to do? Wonder if he'd go get me something else if it turns out like the Sunshine Chicken I made the other night? :ack2: (Orange juice, cloves, curry--that kind of thing. Ftr, he liked it. But I suspect he likes anything. I mean, he does eat what I cook. Enough said!;))

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Ok, you all forced me to call my grmother (who I love but talks forever, & dinner was already running late). Apparently, adding cr of soup to chicken noodle is something my grgrmother always did.


So here's my modification of the "easy" chicken soup on allrecipes.com:


Saute 1/2 an onion & some celery in 1 tbsp butter. Add cooked, diced chicken, 3 cans chicken broth, 1 can cr of mushroom, 1 can peas (undrained), egg noodles, peeled, chopped carrots, oregano, basil, mint, salt, pepper. Bring to boil, reduce heat, simmer.


I'm not crazy about mushrooms, but it's all we had. I'd try cr of celery or chicken next time. There wasn't much broth--although I don't really like broth--but I'd probably add another can of chicken broth & maybe another cr of soup. I didn't drain the peas because of the lack of broth, but normally, I probably would.


I liked it. The broth was not creamy--it was well-balanced with all the chicken broth. I'd describe the texture w these proportions as...silky. It added a nice flavor & texture. Dh did not have to go to Sonic. ;) Homemade bread would have been too wonderful.


Gumshoe Aub, signing off.

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Weird here too, but I like it both ways. Sometimes I leave it clear, sometimes I add the cream of chicken soup and a dollop of sour cream.


Now, I know this is NOT healthy, but growing up my dad would make a package of Top Ramen chicken flavor, and then add a can of cream of chicken to it. It was really good! (My parents were not the health conscious sort!)

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