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s/o - nebulizers

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Can anyone recommend where to order more mask and tubing supplies? We always need more (and now yet another little one is on pulmicort for the winter) and I end up getting it from random places. It's been a long time since I made a big order - I need to clean out the cabinet...


And while were at it, nebulizer recommendations? I have a couple of the older Devilbiss (sp?) ones, and a newer one of the same brand, but the latest one is some other brand that escapes me at the moment but I don't really like it - it takes really long and I wonder if it's working properly.


(A nebulizer is also useful for blowing up inflatable toys, and if you're patient, an inflatable pool ;))

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We get all of our supplies at our local compounding pharmacy. I have never had to buy anything though since the pharmacist always gives me extra when we refill meds.


J has had two nebulizers, the first one looked like a cow's head (it was REALLY cute) and the same company makes them that look like other animals as well. The cow went to heaven earlier in the summer, but our new neb is by the same company and I have no complaints.

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Thanks ladies!! Interesting. I get the prescriptions filled at Walgreens, and they've never offered mask and tubing (though I don't think I've ever asked). I usually collect them from in-office treatments; otherwise they just throw them away. I know there are on-line sources - I'm hoping I'll find a reliable one - so if anyone else knows one, please post.


DS's favorite mask was a dragon, with the nebulizer going it looked like it was breathing fire.


I wonder if this is what we call the "fishy mask", since it could probably be interpreted to be a dragon :)

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