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Paypal Question - Paying the Fees When Buying

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I am new to paypal and I don't quite understand everything. Does anyone know how I figure out how to "cover the fees" when paying someone? I'm not so computer savvy:D Thanks! I need to figure out what to pay on an order of $8.50.


I would ask upfront what the fees will be. It shouldn't be more than $35 or so, but the burden should be on the seller, not the buyer to figure it out. I also believe the burden for absorbing the fees should be on the seller. I've covered the fees in the past, but I refuse to do it any longer on principle. As a seller, I've always seen it as a cost of doing business and I will no longer buy from sellers who pass that cost on to me. Paypal is a convenience I'm willing to pay for as a seller. I remember the days of waiting on a personal check to clear...a sale could take 2 weeks to complete. What a huge hassle!



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