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Need opinions from the Hive in Middle Tenn, PLEASE.....

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Hi Everyone,

Some of you know that I need to find part-time work. I'll be substitute teaching for a while but I'm still working on a unique concept of tutoring. I do plan on becoming a Registered Instructor with IEW. I'd like some feeback about my ideas please.


I'm thinking about offering private and group tutoring and teaching "writing across the curriculum". The idea stems from my son Chris being "bored" with the music appreciation and health programs that he is doing this year. I'm teaching him writing using IEW techniques so, why not have him write paragraphs and papers on some of the topics in music and health ?....and Would it be more interesting to have other students writing on similar topics?


I could teach private lessons to one student or one family in their own home. I could teach a small group students at the library.( For those close by, I could teach in my home.) Cost would vary according to location and group size.


For those graduation requirements that just need the box checked off (fine arts and health are just examples) there would be a reading assignment, short discussion of the reading, and a writing assignment taught ala IEW.


For private lessons I might could use the curriculum of your choice. For group lessons certain books might be required. For certain subjects the writing lessons could be an alternative method of examination.


Example: Ben is doing BJU's 7th grade history. That book has wonderful short chapter summaries that are easily outlined, reworded, add a little other research, and written up IEW style. The grade for the entire course could be the writing grades averaged.


I know this whole idea is very sketchy. Please help me and send me your thoughts. I know a lot of folks are in co-ops and tutorials so I need to develop a very UNIQUE idea, an idea that makes home schooling EASIER for Mom in a subject or two.


I do have to go back to work financially. I do not want a professional full-time job.


So , what do you think? Good idea? Bad idea? Too sketchy to tell? ALL opinions needed, ESPECIALLY if you think this is a HORRIBLE idea!




PS.....I would teach in Williamson ,Maury, and Marshall counties mainly... I could drive into Nashville for extra gas money maybe.


Edited to add: Please don't blast me with posts about the importance of health or music! Those were just examples to illustrate the idea. I need feedback on the IDEA!


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