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Lial's Algebra or Chalkdust....

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I'm considering these 2 for Algebra 1 for DS. I have both Lial's Introductory Algebra and Larson's Elementary Algebra, but haven't had the time to go through them except cursorily.


From what I can tell, Larson has an extra chapter called Fundamentals of Algebra, while Lial has one at the beginning for Prealgebra review. The rest of the chapters follows the same sequence.


I like the way Lial is set-up better. Visually it's easier to read. Larger print. Columns at the side for practice as you read the text. The Lial text appears to be less intimidating. The Larson text has twice as many problems to chose from. They both have lots of word problems for application of concepts. Both have review sections at the end of each chapter and chapter tests. Larson has a mid-chapter quiz.


The Lial text to me is more accessible and looks easier to implement. However, at the Chalkdust website, Dana Mosely does say to only choose about 30 problems or so for each problem set, working about an hour each day on math. I suspect most who use CD assign more problems though.


As far as the DVD instruction is concerned. Dana Mosely is the far superior teacher, in my opinion. I like that he's very organized in his presentation. I like that he's very thorough and does not make assumptions about what a student might/might not understand and therefore does not make leaps in teaching a concept. He's very methodical. He does not skip steps. I like that he might review a concept a little before teaching a new one to refresh the student's memory. He can be quite animated and is therefore not boring. He almost teaches with his whole body.


I've decided on CD Precalculus and Calculus for my older DC, but for the younger ones. I'm worried about the Larson textbook being too difficult. I'm still thinking about it. I might test run a couple of sections this summer before I decide.



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