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Would you pray for this young mom?

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I don't usually come on here asking for prayer but my heart is so heavy for a sweet young mom in my life. She is 34 weeks pregnant and was told just yesterday that she has placenta previa and accreta and will not only have a c/s but a hysterectomy as well. I can't even type this without weeping. She will have a new life to celebrate yet a loss at the same time. I remember losing my fallopian tube to an ectopic pregnancy and the devastating sadness I experienced yet that was nothing compared to what this precious woman is facing. The c/s is scheduled for next Monday as they are hoping to keep baby baking for one more week. I'm so sad for her. I can't imagine being told something like this. :crying:

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I am praying too...BUT why does she need a hysterectomy as well?? I had Placenta Previa with 2 of my children...had to stay in bed for weeks and weeks. I did have a massive hemmorhage...but not a hysterectomy. Is there cancer or some other reason? It just makes me so sad for her. Maybe she needs another opinion...



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The placenta usually has difficulty separating from the uterine wall. The primary concern for the mother is hemorrhaging during manual attempts to detach the placenta. Severe hemorrhaging can be life threatening. Other concerns involve damage to the uterus or other organs (percreta) during removal of the placenta. Hysterectomy is a common therapeutic intervention, but the results involve the loss of the uterus and the ability to conceive.


What is the treatment for placenta accreta?

There is nothing a woman can do to prevent placenta accreta, and there is little that can be done for treatment once placenta accreta has been diagnosed. If you have been diagnosed with placenta accreta your healthcare provider will monitor your pregnancy with the intent of scheduling a delivery and using a surgery that may spare the uterus. It is particularly important to discuss this surgery with your doctor if you desire to have additional children.


Unfortunately, placenta accreta may be severe enough that a hysterectomy may be needed. Again, it is important to discuss surgical options with your healthcare provider.

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