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What does this look like for dd/9th grade? Please look...

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I stayed up all night looking at curriculum and trying to decide what to buy for dd/9th. Her last day at public highschool will be Friday. Here is what I "think" I am going to go with:


Math: Saxon Algebra 1 with Dive cd


English/Language Arts: Applications of Grammar 3, Vocabulary Vine (I already have this) and Write Shop or Writing Strands 4 (I haven't decided yet)


Science: Apologia Biology


History: MOH volume 1 (I am going to be doing this with the boys already)


Foreign language: Rosetta Stone Spanish


Bible: She is in a small group Bible study right now that meets every other Wednesday.


Art: Haven't decided yet

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It looks good!


I have no experience with Rosetta Stone, but I know that others have

mentioned that it's light on grammar. You may want to consider

supplementing with a grammar book - but you don't need to do that

at the beginning and can add it in later in the year.


If you do end up going with the Saxon and Apologia, Christian Book

Distributors has them for a good price - and other places as well. :)

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Not Elegantlion, but I think literature is very important in 9th. I missed that it wasn't in your course list. This is the year they begin to learn how to analyze literature, do character studies, etc.. It's also a good year to do a research paper and to get all the skills together which are needed to do that. That's separate from literature, but just wanted to throw that in there too. :)

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