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Suggestions please?


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I need suggestions on something to add to our curriculum. My DD is 6 years old and in "1st grade".


We school four days a week and go to homeschool group one day (in which my DD takes classes and is there for 4 hours).


Every day that we are home, we do the following:


Handwriting, Math, Bible, Speech, and read-alouds.


(I realize that phonics are not listed but DD is having LOTS of trouble with reading and we have an appointment set up for her to be evaluated....in the mean time, we are skipping it because it causes her lots of stress).


Plus, we do these:


Monday - Literature, Art

Tuesday - Science, Sign Language

Wednesday - no formal work due to homeschool group

Thursday - Science,

Friday - Literature, Story of the World


See that empty spot there on Thursdays....after science? I need something to fill that spot. What would be a good subject to add there? I thought about letting my daughter choose somthing each week to learn about it do that on Thursdays after science. Or I thought of beginning to learn about all the states. Any suggestions would be really great!

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Poetry - you could do a poetry tea.

Nature Walk Time. If you schedule it, you will go.

Library - you could go and let her pick out books. My dd who isn't reading loves to pick out non-fiction books about animals right now.

Handcrafts - finger knitting is a great place to start - it is wonderful for fine-motor skills.

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Private eye? http://www.the-private-eye.com/index.html

All you need to get started is a loupe: http://www.theprivateeyestore.com/servlet/the-41/private-eye-loupe-lanyard/Detail

And the worksheets:



The book is helpful:


The (expensive) specimen box is awesome:



If it's too much for her to write out the worksheet, she could dictate to you. This program can be kept very simple, and is a great first step toward the microscope.

Plus, it's an excuse to get out and go on a nature walk (the back yard works fine too :001_smile:).

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How about Music, or poetry? You could do something like Story of the Orchestra, or Carnival of the animals. You could also get an instrument like a recorder and try and teach her some songs.


These are really great. We have Story of the Orchestra and have used Carnival of the Animals. My dd5 likes to do composer studies, and we have used the Famous Children series by Ann Rachlin and the Getting to Know the World's Greatest Composers series by Mike Venezia. Venezia also has series on Artists and Inventors/Scientists.


We have also enjoyed finding books on countries that dd has chosen. Here is my list of books by country.


And poetry is also a wonderful suggestion. I keep a couple of anthologies of children's poetry around so that we can pick it up and read whenever we are looking for something to do.


Another idea, how about sign language. We have loved learning ASL with the Signing Time videos. We have been able to get them through interlibrary loan. If you want to do something more structured, there are these free online lesson plans from LifePrint, complete with video.

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For me personally, I feel stressed when I have a lot of different things to get done. With that in mind, I would do another day of something you are already doing - 2 days of sign language or 2 days of history. Or I'd leave it open for a catch-up day. Or I'd use that free time to do once-a-week preschool with the 3 year old. I would do one of those things:)

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Or I'd use that free time to do once-a-week preschool with the 3 year old. I would do one of those things:)


That's a great idea. Have you ever looked at wet and dry practical life ideas from Montessori schools? Many of the activities would still be fun for your 6yo too.

There's washing the baby (doll), making orange juice, pouring (water and beans)...

Here's a website that sells a lot of practical life materials, it's an easy place to get ideas.



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