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Hold back and move on?

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Student takes a placement test. I had been concerned about this child performing at a certain level. Well, the placement test says that his score is plenty high enough for him to move to the next level. However, it took him a LONG time to take the test (test was not timed).


Mastery is good but does slow work suggest mastery is not solid?


If it matters in regards to what you would do, the student is technically behind in this subject by most standards (including public school).

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You know your child best.


I chose to hold my ds back from where his math placement test designated him. While he *probably* would have been fine going ahead, or we *probably* could have ran through the lower level at a faster pace, we're both quite content with where it's taken him.


That said, he had placed above grade-level, so I didn't worry much about the long-term.


Personally, I don't have a problem with slow work, but it would concern me if any standardized testing were coming up unless you have an official "label" that might grant extra time. I know one of my younger ones will need that, even though her mastery is just fine.

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I don't have a problem with slow either. But, the college will. BTDT Ds took a math placement test going into college. He placed into calculus. But, it took him sometimes three passes doing precalc. at home to get something. Fast forward to calculus where the class met every day Monday to Thursday and he was lost. He'd get stuck, then bam, class next day with a new concept (and no late homework accepted). So sometime, you have to get their speed up. Probably the best way is to take a math you have already done at college. There will be familiarity, but they will have to get used to doing a lot quickly.

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