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Cheaper Playmobil site?

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Can anyone direct me to a site for Playmobil that's cheaper.....Christmas is coming and my kids just spotted nest of 3's Playmobil pardise!


Nest of 3 - my kids are ready to WALK to you house to play with such an amazing collection!!!! Tell your boys to keep an eye out ;)



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Ridge Road Station


(Be sure to always check their homepage or the front page for the Playmobil section; they often run discounted or free shipping.)




I used to buy from Watts Train Shop, but it doesn't look like they sell it anymore.


I admit, I usually still end up buying from the Playmobil site b/c I always have a hard time finding everything in one place. I usually order everything that my parents and the inlaws are giving -- whether it be Playmobil or Legos.

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We have a store nearby (N. Chicagoland) called Constructive Playthings that has a 40% off Playmobil sale for 2 weekends every November. They have a website (where they sadly do NOT sell Playmobil). You could see if there may be one of their brick and mortar stores in your area that has the same offer.

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