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X-post: Math after Singapore 6B

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We went from Singapore Math to NEM which is Singapore Math. We also used Key to Algebra and Dolciani Alg 1 and her Alg 3 w/ Trig books. For my oldest this was the perfect fit. After NEM 3 and Alg 2 w/ trig I put DS into Foerster's Pre-Calc book. The concepts were already covered in Dolciani's Alg2 w/trig book and I should have put him directly into Calculus. Oh well. He's off at college now, is the math tutor for his dorm, understands math and is considering it as a dual major.


My second son had great difficulty with Singapore 6A and B and was not ready for NEM in 7th grade. I put him into Dolciani's Pre-Algebra book, and we slowly moved through the book. He did the first 6 of the Key to Algebra books and worked through Dolciani's Alg 1 in 8th grade. This year we are working through Dolciani's Alg 1 book for the second time and he's starting to get it. The light bulb is finally coming on. I don't see us going back and working in NEM. I firmly believe that this child, placed in a ps setting would have received a math LD label.


Two very different kids, same teacher.



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My youngest used Singapore through 6B, finishing in 7th grade. We did some extra things along the way, so he didn't finish until the end of 7th, even though he's strong in math.


He went straight into Algebra. I'm a huge fan of Math Relief for algebra, and I truly believe that teacher is gifted in teaching algebra, having used it with two very different kids. My youngest is now using Jacob's Geometry and it's going fine.


That said, if my child finished Singapore 6B before 7th grade, I probably would not put him into Algebra. I know it can be done, but it can be stressful for a child not in his teens to think algebraically every day. I might use NEM and just focus on the non-algebra sections in 7th? I know there's a lot of "pre-algebra" in NEM-1 (negative numbers, for instance). Or maybe the new Singapore program, Discovering Mathematics, though I haven't seen that in person. MFW recommends going from Singapore into Saxon 7/6, and then Algebra (depending of course on the student), so that's another proven option.



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If you happily used Singapore Math through elementary and switched from Singapore Math in middle school or later, what did you choose for middle school and high school? Do you like it? Why or why not? What would you choose if you had it to do all over again?




ds#1 - to NEM series, then dual enrollment beginning with College Algebra and completing Calculus 1 by graduation. Would not have changed a thing with this son.


ds#2 - to Lial's Beginning Algebra, various geometry programs but settled with Jacob's geometry, Lial's Intermediate Algebra, then concurrent enrollment as with above son. With the exception of the geometry bugaboo, it worked well for him. Lial's approach seemed to appeal to this son more than the NEM approach.


ds#3 - to Algebra: A Fresh Approach, MUS geometry. Tried Jacob's algebra with this one but it didn't go well. Everything going smoothly right now. He just took a practice PSAT test and his math was much better than I expected. In fact, it was higher than ds#1's score! Let's hope that translates to the real test :001_smile:


ds#4 - to LOF Beginning Algebra, Art of Problem Solving Geometry, AoPS Intro. Algebra, and finally NEM 2 (where he is currently working along with AoPS geometry). Probably would rather have just stuck with NEM, but AoPS has given him a different perspective on algebra. LOF was a good transition but it really didn't stick all that well, IMO. This son is very much like ds#1 and I think NEM would have been just fine from the beginning.

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After Miquon in the early years and Singapore through 6A/B, my daughter did a combo of NEM 1 & 2 and Jacobs Algebra and Geometry. She was young and had the time, and I felt that she'd benefit by doing both. After that we moved into AoPS books/courses and higher math from my old textbooks at home. Worked well - she's now planning to major in math at her university. :001_smile:


The only thing I'd do differently would be to move into AoPS books sooner. Unfortunately, their series of Intro texts came out after dd was past that level.



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Hi Susan,

Both of my guys did Singapore PM through 6B - absolutely loved that series! I tried doing NEM with older ds in 7th grade - it took hours each day, and we both felt that something was lacking for him. He had always been a good math student, so this was frustrating for him. So, we switched to Rod and Staff 8th grade math book. It turned out to be a great fit and a great year of prealgebra for his concrete, literal, and linear brain! In 8th grade, he did Teaching Textbooks Alg 1, followed by TT Alg 2 in 9th grade. (this may not have been to best course for a engineer wanna-be, but we live and learn). In 10th grade, he did AoPS Intro to Geometry. In 11th grade he started Chalkdust PreCalculus and finished it in January of his senior year. We took 3 semesters to cover PreCalc because he really wanted to make sure he understood everything (Chapter P (for prerequisites) is supposed to be review, but much of it was brand new material for him so it took a long time even to get to chapter 1 of the text!) During the last semester of his senior year, ds studied Calculus with Thinkwell. He is finding himself very well prepared for his fiirst semester of calc at college!


Younger son also did Singapore PM through 6B. He went right in to TT alg 1 in 7th grade, followed by TT Alg 2 in 8th grade. In 9th, he did AoPS Geometry. Last year he was supposed to do both AoPS Intro to Algebra and Intermediate Algebra. I assumed that Intro to Alg would be review (desirable since he hadn't done much alg in a year). It was not. So, We only covered the Intro book, and due to timing, that spilled over into the summer and the beginning of this year. Ds just started an online Alg 3 class with AoPS last night - this will cover Intermediate Alg in 24 weeks. If it goes well, I will sign him up for AoPS PreCal in March (18 weeks for trig, etc) Hopefully, he will do Calculus with Thinkwell as a senior. Older ds appreciated Chalkdust's PreCal text so much he took it to college with him. That is fine, because I don't think I could do it with younger ds!


Hope this rambling is of some help!



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